Reviewing chimpOIL History

The History

At the turn of the 20th century in China, our medicated oil's formula was originally part of a secret collection of a famous Chinese General, Cai Ting Kai. The oil was General Cai's health-treasure as it was both a highly effective carminative and pain reliever. It was called 'The Marching Oil' that time.

My Master (Sifu), Mr Wong Kuan Xiong was in the Chinese Military. He was very impressed by the effectiveness of this Marching Oil, but knew that it was restricted to military use only, not for civilians. Master Wong ardently sought the consent of General Cai to share the secret of such a priceless recipe with him. Master Wong visited various South East Asia's destinations, and observed that the climate in these Nanyang areas were usually hot and humid (wet), thus many were suffering from rheumatic pain. He put in all his efforts to locally select high-value medicinals from different areas and compounded them into medicated oil. Thus our medicated oil was first released to the world. Since then, the medicated oil has helped many lives and was well-recognized for decades. 

Unfortunately, during the turbulent period of World War II in 1938, my Master had to stop the production of the medicated oil due to medicinal supplies problems. It therefore totally vanished from the market.

We are honoured that our Medical Guru had brought this original medicinal formula into Malaysia from China in 1958 through me, his disciple, Cheong Chee Kong. I then adapted this formula with quality Chinese and Western medicines and produced it using advanced-technology to meet the health requirements and regulations in Malaysia. I rebranded it Chimpanzee Brand Medicated Oil (chimpOIL). 

ChimpOIL is a clear liquid, with light yellow colour and a pleasant aroma. Its medical characteristics are mild, harmless to the body. It is suitable for the elderly and young, pregnant and post-delivery women; hence it is also known as the treasured-gift for home use, as well as a travel companion.

As we live our lives, work and rest, we might get a headache, feel seasick, or body strained under muscle fatigue. Do not panic. Use few drops of chimpOIL to get relief in 5 to 15 minutes. Do bring chimpOIL with you at all times; it can be helpful to you and those people around you, in times of emergency.

Cheong Chee Kong
Founder of Chimpanzee Brand Medicated Oil

chimpOIL  猩猩油