The Effective Soothing Oil to Relieve Pain 
猩猩商标  驅風止痛良药 張志剛藥行监制出品

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本藥行真傳秘授,功能有效驅風止痛,是長期面對風濕骨痛,關節疼痛者之佳選. 有別於一般傳統藥油的濃郁藥味,猩猩油采用現代科技,加以中西名貴藥料配合提煉,藥性溫和,氣味芬芳,深得各階層人士的愛戴,為居家旅行至寶。

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主治;  風濕骨痛, 關節痛, 腰背疼痛, 輕微扭傷痛​​,抽筋,  瘀傷


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Chimpanzee Brand Medicated Oil is a trusted brand of Traditional Chinese Medicated Oil to effectively relieve mild to moderate rheumatic pains, bruises, sprains, muscle cramps, muscle & joint pains and lumbago (back pain).